Currently my music is being used on three CNN news programmes: Special Report, Early Start with Christine Romans & Dave Briggs and Tonight with Don Lemon.

BBC - Fake or Fortune

The 'Lowry' episode of Fake or Fortune was recently shown on BBC 1. Most of the music used is this episode is from the EMI albums I co-wrote with Adam Burns - Cinematic Motion and Intelligent Universe

Oceana works to 'Save the oceans, feed the world...'. I am very pleased that my music features on their current ad running in the US.

Raw Melancholia

I recently contributed a couple of tracks (tracks 2 & 14) to EMI's recent album release Raw Melancholia - 'Sparse, atmospheric backdrops featuring visceral, emotive and moving solo string melodies'. Click on the album cover to check them out...

Psychedelic 60s

It was great fun doing 2 tracks (tracks 5 & 9) for the new EMI release Psychedelic 60s. Always nice to get back to using vintage guitars, amps and keyboards! Click on the album cover the check them out...



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